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‘Genuine humility is a gift from God which has nothing to do with down-cast eyes, misty voices, and noble stories of sacrifice on behalf of God, country and other people, always ‘instead of myself’.

Humility is, rather, living courageously in a Spirit of radical connectedness with others, which enables us to see ourselves as God sees us: We are sisters and brothers, each as valuable and worthy of respect as the other.

A truly humble man does not deny his self-interest but rather strives to realize how his interests are connected with the wellbeing of others, all others, not just those most like him.’

Quoted from: Carter Heyward (2010) Keep Your Courage: A Radical Christian Feminist Speaks. p165.

On Archbishop Rowan Williams visit to Lampeter, he lectured, preached then spent hours with the Chapel’s students. He sat eating cold sandwiches with students in a circle while we flung questions at him about his celebrity, his relationship with Christ and spiritual practice, his thoughts on other religions and paths to God etc. I found him to indeed be humble with a warm wit and self-deprecating humour.  He even gave me a few ideas for my Righteousness essay (which was graded A!).