From my previous posts you would have seen that I was at Oxford and in London last weekend.  I planned on attending a Wagner concert at the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford but stayed longer in London and viewed the Taylor Wessing Photographic Exhibition Portrait Prize exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery (we accidentally got tickets to the First Actresses Exhibition but returned them for what we really paid our 2GBP for).

First, second and third prizes were all won by female photographers. The portrait winning first prize is of 13-year-old Harriet Power.  It was taken in the guinea pig judging area at the Royal Welsh Show where she was stewarding. For me the most captivating, in the curiosity it aroused, was the portrait of a female head prison guard who was once a rebel fighter. If you are in London it is quite worth visiting.

Well, having missed the Wagner Concert I decided some music was necessary before leaving Oxford and therefore headed to Christ Church Cathedral the next morning.  While sipping a macchiato outside Cathedral this public bus cruised by.

My host had left Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion beside my bed for ‘my reading pleasure’ AND I was in Oxford visiting the Department of Zoology.  So quite opportune this bus. But somehow my host, who sat next to me sipping a cuppa hot chocolate with The God Delusion in backpack, missed the irony.

If you are interested in the event advertised on the bus check out William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith Tour lecture at the Theatre at the site listed on the bus.  Enjoy the video of the lecture and the empty rebuttal table with no Dawkins.